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    “evolve into relationships”.Now, that’s my motto in life. You hit the nail right on the head, Steve. I did, when I come to think about it, evolve into my relationship with, by the way, an Anglo-Saxon woman.Incidentally, I also occasionally read Polka’s on the Island blog and find it very interesting. I don’t know what’s this bug up Warren’s backside.

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    I thourouhly enjoy this article. Finally some sanity in all this insane talks about Arab "spring". These people have long way to get to the form of organization that we call democracy, i.e — freedom and equality for all members of society, irregardless of their race, sex, faith, etc.

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    BigP, you a good dude but that’s a silly question. I’ve yet to see you question Jordo’s wishing for poor QB play which leads to a loss. Why don’t you ask him a question for once or do you want the 9er to lose!??

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    Moni naureskelee selkokielisille uutislle, mutta silti ei viitsi lukea edes tuoteselosteita… Kuinka moni muuten käyttää pansuolaa eikä tiedä, että siinä oleva lysiinihydrokloridi (on arominvahvennetta, kuten E621 ja ne muut glutamaatit…) aiheuttaa monille todella vaikeita oireita, näköhäiriöitä on muillakin, mut mulle siitä tulee migreeni. Niin, et se siitä terveellisyydestä — nykyään-(

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