Пройдено в два жала

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    i haven't come to this blog for a while, just got such a huge smile on my face looking at how beautiful and healthy abby looks!i have prayed for your family many times. you are such a blessing and encouragement to me!have a wonderful week!

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    Happy birthday to LB!! I love your fun photo session! I see your youngest is mastering Miz Bagg's "Finest Assets" pose in the first photo. She is destined for a career in modelling. I also love your definition of karaoke. LOL. The photos of you solo in that maxi dress, bangles, necklace, hat — beautiful!

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    And that is why I support the draft. So the decision-makers have something at risk.The world’s military cemeteries are filled with the drafted sons of morally bankrupt, short-sighted, weak, foolish, etc. decision-makers. Even without the draft, decision-makers destroy their children’s lives and futures in countless ways, every day.

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